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Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers, where science and art meet technology and business. While exhibition spaces on campus showcase the innovative and creative research of Aalto’s six schools, the Aalto Virtual Exhibition acts as an online platform where you can browse virtual exhibitions and learn more about Public Art Collections at Aalto University.

Questions of creating, managing and hosting content online responsibly and creatively bring both new challenges and new opportunities. This site aims to provide user-friendly and accessible digital tools and public platforms for online exhibitions at Aalto University.

We want to become a leading example in the educational field, with the DNA of creative practices imprinted in our virtual exhibition design. This site is initiated by the exhibition and digital impact teams at Aalto and we welcome feedback and suggestions on how to develop the platform for all exhibitors, editors and users. For further information on the project, exhibitions and feedback contact the Aalto Exhibition Team.

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Aalto Exhibition Contacts

For further information on Aalto Exhibitions:

Edel O’ Reilly, Curator, Exhibitions, Aalto University

[email protected]

For further information on Public Art at Aalto:

Outi Turpeinen, Senior Specialist, Art & Exhibitions, Aalto University

[email protected]

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

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