Virtual Exhibitions at Aalto University

Life 1.5 virtual exhibition - text on white, fragmented background, with Designs for a Cooler Planet logo.

Designs for a Cooler Planet 2022: Life 1.5

Designs for a Cooler Planet 2022 showcases Life 1.5 -worthy experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion and food that could take us towards a better future.

ABRA in Aalto FabLab-Image by Kaan Ünlü


Radical Speculations: Artificial Biology and Robotics meet Art and Architecture

Breaking Ground

Breaking ground – 8 ways research shaped our world

A red model ship breaks through the ice from left to right of the image middleground. In the background the red metal bridge is visible across the full width of the image.

Breaking Ground

Breaking ground – 8 ways research shaped our world


Public Art

Public Art Virtual Exhibitions

Hans-Cristian Berg: Color Space 2017. Dipoli

Radical Nature

Dipoli Art Collection 2017

Public Art
Kirsi Kaulanen «Lumen» 2018 (Image: Mikko Raskinen)

Global Equality

Global Equality Art Collection at Väre

Public Art
Tatu Tuominen "Multiple Exposure (No. 1)" 2015

Human Approach

Human Approach – the art collection at the School of Business

Public Art
Kristina Riska "inevitableprogress I & II’ 2020. (Image: Mikko Raskinen)

Radical Creativity

Art works at Aalto University Töölö react to the many details and materials of the renovated spaces. They respect the past and propose diverse angles for the future. With its public art concept for the building, ‘Radical creativity’, Aalto University seeks to create a sense of contrast in the historical building and its visually impressive interior.

Public Art

Data Vitality

Data Vitality: Soft Infrastructures and Economies of Knowledge