Photo: Helmi Korhonen

Yun-Jung Hsieh

Into the Skin

Dialogue between controllability and uncontrollability

Into the skin explores the dynamics between natural dyeing and jacquard weaving. Hsieh seeks to bring together the art of natural dyeing and her training in fashion and textile design, designing fabrics to be used especially in fashion. 

In the beginning of the project the variables were limited to a specific selection of materials, dyes and ways of working. The aim was to use local networks and resources at hand as much as possible. Meticulous experimentation with different temperature and dye combinations was conducted. Sometimes the process brought about unexpected results, as woven structures and surface colors can change after dyeing. These changes were documented systematically to ultimately achieve the desired effects and allow the results to be duplicated. 

Restrictions made before the creative process perhaps seem like a hindrance to the project, but, in fact, they still allow the design to grow organically. The sum up of all controllable factors (same woven structures, material, dye source, and process) and all uncontrollable factors (differences between each dye batch and manual work) affect the final appearance of the textiles, providing a sense of restricted freedom.

Photo: Helmi Korhonen
Photo: Helmi Korhonen