Photo: Helmi Korhonen

Venla Elonsalo

3D Weaving Project

Dialogue between the third dimension and weaving

3D Weaving Project explores the potential of creating three-dimensional textile products by utilizing multi layered woven structures. The four layers of the fabric are partially interwoven together to create the seams without any need for sewing. 

The dog and the cardigan are examples of this method. The method requires the pattern to be flat, which can easily be achieved with plush toy patterns that are usually made from the profile of the toy. However, creating similar flattened patterns for clothes is more challenging as garments generally require darts.

To finish the products, the fabric is first fulled and then cut. Fulling the wool yarns prevents the fabric from fraying. After cutting, the product is stuffed, steamed, and finished with hand-embroidered details to achieve the final three dimensional form of the product.

Photo: Helmi Korhonen
Photo: Helmi Korhonen
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