sanna blue dress
Photo by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Sanna Ahonen

Slow Unfolding

In the ancient world, when textile materials were highly valuable and fabrics a result of numerous hours of work by skilled artisans, clothes were created so that none of the precious material was wasted. This method, which is nowadays known as zero waste pattern cutting, was then a necessity and a common practice instead of an interesting design choice. 

The idea of textiles’ inherent value, borrowed from the past and enhanced by my own background as a textile designer, was taken as the starting point of the garment design process. The respect for the material, the technique and the craft is channeled into garment-textiles that tell the story of their own creation to an observant viewer. The garments utilize the simplest shape determined by the creation technique itself, a rectangular piece of loom width fabric, and with the help of the interwoven shibori pulling yarns, turn it into re-shapeable, adjustable and re-constructable clothing.

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Photo by Laura Seppälä
Photo by Nora Bremer
Photo by Nora Bremer