lorena articadi

Lorena Articadi


'Softcore' portrays light in a seemingly cartographic manner, in the form of structural jacquard tapestries, constituting a sort of flesh that is only real in its constructedness –that is true in its own accord as a single reading. Softcore can only account for wave behaviour; it looks at the sun through the processing of radio frequency signals, retrieved from the Metsähovi Radio Observatory’s repository of solar activity. Records of solar activity capture a de-phased, distorted and out-of-sync plurality of events –indexed as single instances. I approach the notions of interference and patterns of difference, as to unfold their implications for an understanding of diffractive time and –subsequently– a convergence of timelines, distinct temporal scales and simultaneity.

These signals are readings. Interference concerns me with understanding both the apparatus and the object, the nature of light and the apparatus itself. The instruments we use to collect solar activity data are engineered to filter out the vast and predominant noise that would otherwise significantly obstruct a -theorized- pure and isolated access to the sun. In their obscured and concealed constitution, these instruments are tailored to predict error so as to cancel it out. In Softcore, the processing of these signals deliberately amplifies the resolute noise that, despite the efforts of science, managed to permeate our records.

Photo by Nora Bremer
Photo by Nora Bremer