Laura Rusanen

Pike Dress


Dialogue between past and tomorrow

This Pike Dress project got its inspiration from the past and its material from the future. Rusanen searched for innovative materials. Kuura, the new man-made cellulose fibre by Metsä Group, took her to the future, but it also took her back to the basics, letting her experience the whole journey of a new fibre - spun to make yarn and knitted to a garment. 

Video Credits

@aalto_fashion LAURA RUSANEN @virtual_laura MA

Hetta Huhtamäki, Aalto Studios Producer / Production Manager
Maria Rantamäki, Aalto Studios / Assistant Producer
Mara Jelinko / D.O.P & Editing
Iikkamatti Hauru / Camera operator & Editing
Aki Särkiniemi / Camera operator & Editing
Heidi Karjalainen / Producer
Eric von Christison / Choreographer
Jasmin Islamovic / Casting Director
Minttu Vesala / Styling
Jenny Jansson / Make-up & Mikko Vainio / Hair with Assistants: Fatma Bendris & Noora Varrio & Daria Taivas randcofinland @kide_natural_cosmetics
Sirja Puurtinen / Original Music and Sound Design
Koray Tahiroğlu / Soundtrack and Music Director
Sofia Okkonen / Photographer – Still photos
Eeva Suutari / Photographer – Behind the scenes
Jarno Parkkima / Photographer & Filming – Student Interviews
Fanni Perälä / Graphic Design
Jon Fabritius / Aalto Web Studios