Photo by Ella Siltavuori

Ella Siltavuori

What's your legacy?

This lamp was designed as a part of Ella’s Bachelor’s thesis, which focused on sustainable product design processes and material-driven product design.

The lamp's surface material is solely steel, and its look was achieved by using various material manipulation techniques. The lampshade attempts to mimic the properties of textiles, specifically light transmittance and flexibility. This lampshade was inspired by lamps that have textile tassels hanging in a beautiful unified row at the base of the lamp. This effect was achieved by using steel chains. An important goal for the designer was to achieve a product with a long lifespan. Since steel is proven to have a long lifespan, it was a perfect material choice for this lamp design.

Ella's designs are informed by her interest in the material qualities of both metals and textiles, despite their different properties. In her design, steel encounters and adapts the characteristics of textiles, while still retaining its own characteristic properties, such as durability and a light-reflective surface. The use of metal throughout the product and a uniform design language keeps the product aesthetically balanced and it intentionally highlights the unique use of the material.

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Photo by Laura Seppälä
Photo by Nora Bremer