Anusuya Krishnaswamy photos by Yu-Chen Lin
Photo by Yu-Chen Lin

Anusuya Krishnaswamy

Of the ordinary, in this ordinary

Of the ordinary, in this ordinary are textile glimpses, a narrative patching together my everyday life. Emerging from a moment of pause while doing my laundry, these textiles are an examination of the mundane that make up my daily experience, and in particular, the routines surrounding my everyday textiles situated in my home.

Through an auto-ethnographic approach, I wrote diary entries, sketched, and took pictures of my home, drawing upon this data to organise into maps and create a book of collages combining these writings and imagery, all of which formed the underlying narrative of the woven textiles. Here, I highlight the role of a textile designer as a ‘translator’ one who traverses mediums transforming and adding to the initial experience and observations, translating daily life onto a textile embedded with the rich storytelling that lies in the ordinary.

 The fabrics each describe three distinct experiences. Thorn Field refers to uncomfortable cotton sheets and a time of rest. Glassformer depicts a moment where my shower curtain seemed to merge with the glass beside it, taking a solid form. And Vantage Shiftis based on my numerous kitchen towels, their textures and surfaces in stripes and checks, constantly changing positions throughout the day.

Photo by Nora Bremer
Photo by Nora Bremer