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Ideological War of Gan

Single channel video work

Tyler Liu

Images are the carrier and a collective cognitive database of human thought. Among various sizes of screens in modern lives have been occupied by ubiquitous visual images in seemingly freely transmitted network channels. However, the communication of social issues in conflicting ideas seems to have encountered bottlenecks under the algorithm hegemony, or so called the social media filter bubble, censored by the big tech & gov. It's time to recognize the voice of post-humanity. Visual datasets were scraped from Google under three sociopolitical themes, then trained with the customized StyleGAN2 model (of the paradox symbols) to generate latent abstract animation, and lastly aligned the opposing ideologies on the same frame to reflexively re-present GAN (generative adversarial network).

Tyler Liu is a graduate of MA in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education at Aalto University and current nondegree doctoral student in the Department of Media. His practice aims to raise public awareness of injustice, through art education and activism into creative/critical methods of AI generative art, specifically to reflect on the ubiquitous hegemony behind the screens in our daily life. His creative process engages with the question of how we learn from what artificial intelligence learns from us. He has exhibited at Pixelache Festival 2021, Kirjastossa Kipinöi 2018 and Espoo Wärk:fest 2018.