cycleofillusion-image credit Gurden Batra.jpg

Cycle of Illusion

Mixed media installation & coding

Eerika Jalasaho & Julia Sand

The artwork is based on a code using a laptops’ camera to record the viewer and makes a loop of recordings and the screen in the background. The work represents the endless hole of digital content and how it sucks us into the illusion of immateriality. The screen is the most valuable component of these devices and that’s where the artwork derives inspiration from. We want to create a discussion of the screens’ materiality, make the content stronger than the weak reality and use the devices as spectators of the entertaining content of which we all are creators and consumers.

Eerika is a visual and media artist from North Savo. She works with moving image, sculpture and interactive installation. Her inspiration comes from motion, animalities and creating challenging aesthetic experiences for viewer to reflect and wonder. She is finalizing her MA studies in New Media Design and Production programme with a minor in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Arts.

Julia is a designer and artist whose background is mainly in digital design and illustration. She is fascinated by the futuristic possibilities of combining novel technologies both in visual communication and more explorative, artistic endeavours. She aspires to create immersive and playful visual experiences giving the spectator an active role in her art. Her major is in New Media Design and Production in the Department of Media in Aalto ARTS.